Saturday, August 15, 2009

10 Steps in choosing the Kitchen items and cooking needs that are right for you:

Kitchen Items and small appliances are personal choice:

1. Convenience:
What is most convenient for your life style

2. Simpler the better:
Items that take the least amount of effort to use:

3. Clean Up:
Items that are the easiest to clean up:

4. Clutter or the lack of Clutter:
Space available for you to use in your kitchen.

5. Your type of cooking:
Baking, Grilling, Micro Waving, Crock Pot.

6. Watch out for the newest fad.
The newest gadget may look great but will it really be functional in your kitchen.

7. Is it really a need or just want.
It may be pretty, but think do I really need it. You will save money and clutter.

8. Do you freeze or save left overs.
There are items specifically for freezing and storing cooked foods.

9. Small children in the kitchen:
Safe items for small children that want to help. Cooking is a great way to teach, and build self confidence in small children.

10. Herbs and Spice Gardening:
Do you grow your own. It will determine what kind of spice racks and spices you may need.

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  1. thanks for the tips. I also grow my own herbs. I plant them in my window seals, in the kitchen and they last all year