Friday, October 2, 2009


With the economic down turn, more and more families are feeling the pain of the economic crunch.
families are having to cope with the job loss of one or both parents. Families are having to re-evaluate everything in their every day lives:
from where they eat, how they shop for food, which grocery stores to buy grocery from, how, when, where and how much
their budgets will allow them to spend on everyday necessitates. Even family trips, vacations, eating out, movies are a luxury for many families in today's world.

I have a few suggestion on how to help you and your family cope. Just because things are hard and I know they are hard. It does not mean that you and your family should not or can not enjoy
each others company, companionship,and re-bonding.

1. Set aside a time, day or night. That is family time: for you to cook together, have something for each family member to do.
2. Have each person write down what each one would like to do on a family night. You may have each person have a family night each week.
for example. Big brother chooses to have homemade pizza and movie night on his week. And little sister chooses to have home made chicken tacos and a Mexican party on her week.
3. Also there are several board games that are very and I am going to say cheap because they are cheap, for you to purchase and play with your family.

We can get through this one day at a time. I encourage you to take a step back and appreciate what you have. The most important asset you have is each other period.

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