Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was recently asked by a college student how she could spend $20.00 per week on groceries

I was recently asked by a college student how she could eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week on $20.00 and eat semi healthy. Well now let me tell ya that was a challenge. And I actually did not do it, she had to purchase some items in bulk that should last her 2 weeks. 21.75 is what I came up with per week. A large jar of off brand peanut butter $4.50 from Wal Mart or the dollar store, 3 lb bag of apples, $2.50, These 2 items had to last 2 weeks.

peanut butter 4.50/2 weeks
3 lb bag apples 2.50 /2 weeks
dozen eggs 1.65
jelly dollar store large jar 1.85 and it is as good as Welch's
pan cake mix dollar store 1.65
top romain 3/1.00
roast or chicken to bake one or the other $5.00 on sale
bag of frozen vet. mixed California style 2.50 Wal Mart
Syrup large bottle off brand 1.85
2 loaves of bread 2.25
1 small onion .50 only if you have the roast.
or 1 lemon .50 to slice and put in her water.

I told her about how to use top roman noodles, to use the noodles as your starch and put other stuff on top. And she could use the season packets to flavor her other meals, like soups, or chicken or roast.

I also suggested to her to buy a package of mint seeds, plant them and grow her mint to put into her water.

Then we sat down with the Phoenix Sunday paper found all the specials, clipped out the coupons she could use for the next couple of weeks and we went shopping.

We went to Safeway, Fry's, Wal Mart and the Dollar General Store. I had her fill out the application for Safeway and Fry's dollar value card.

With her coupons and the dollar value cards, Wal Mart and Dollar General Store and I even found her a Holsum Day Old Bread Store. When our shopping was done we spent $33.17 including tax I might add. The only thing she needs for the following week would be nothing. Except maybe some fresh fruit or something to drink besides water. We bought a roast and a roasting chicken. From the bread store wheat bread and cinnamon rolls. They fit perfectly in the freezer in her apartment.

I was even surprised at myself. I thought I would share it with you.

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