Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saving Your Family Money On Gas

The Average American drives approximately 12,500 miles per year, the average vehicle on the road even today gets only approximately 17 miles per gallon. The Average price per gallon is approximately as of today $2.74 per gallon.

So just do the math. The average person spends approximately $2,014.69 on fuel costs per year. WOW!!!

So what if the average American driver cut just 12 % out by car pooling, scheduling trips, walking, biking, taking the bus. That is only 1500 miles per year or only 125 miles per month or 4.16 miles per day. It would save the average American approximately $ 241.77 in fuel costs alone. Not to mention another oil change, more tire wear, more engine wear, insurance.

What if the average American cut out 20% of their miles driven. That would mean 2500 miles per year saved, 208.33 miles per month and 6.9 miles per day. Which would mean a savings of $403.88 per year in fuel costs alone. Not to mention tire, oil change, insurance and maintenance on your vehicle.

And the granddaddy of all savings besides your hard earned green stuff. THE ENVIRONMENT.

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  1. I drive a hybrid. Which is more hype than actually saving me money on gas. And I paid $13,000 more for it than if I had purchased the regular model.
    What is your opinion on hybrids?