Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saving Your Family Money During the winter Months

There are several ways to Save Your Family Money.

During the winter months we want to crank up the heat. But when we do the dollars and I mean dollars fly out the door.

First spend some time and very little of the green stuff on winterizing your home.
Fix that drippy faucet.

Stop the air leaks around windows and doors.

Drop the temp. from 150 degrees to 120 degrees on your hot water heater could save your family as much as 12 % per year in heating costs.

Teach jr. to turn off lights and electronics when a room or electronic gadget is not being used.

Insulate your attic and walls.

Turn off your sprinkler system. It amazes me how many people forget to turn off their automatic sprinkler system during the winter. In many places in the country it will freeze. Then is must thaw out. And what an expensive wet mess to clean up and repair.

Disconnect your water hoses from the outside faucets. Drain the water out of the hose, coil up the hose and stow it inside the garage or someplace out of the weather.

Wrap the outside faucets with some type of insulation to keep it from freezing.

I personally us plastic bags, newspaper, dry old towels and duct tape, wrap it tight so no air can get in.

Take the time to do it now. Or you can deal with the mess later.

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