Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cost Saving Tips for Buying Vegetables

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The Best Cost-Saving Vegetable Tip
Do you ever stare at the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator and think, "I don't even want to look in there"? If so, you may be falling into one of the biggest money-wasters when it comes to vegetables:

Buying too much.

Buy less more often:

The best advice is simply to plan carefully. If you don't end up eating it when you intended to, freeze if possible. Some vegetables, such as peppers, can simply be cut up and dropped into a zip-lock bag.

Others, like spinach, can be wilted in a hot pan first (seriously, it takes less than two minutes). But don't wait until they start to get yucky! Freeze as soon as you start to think you might not eat the veggies right away.
That way, they will not only have the best flavor, but you will preserve nutrients, which tend to degrade with even a few extra days of storage. KJPGSEVUJYEM
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