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Try to keep your kitchen stocked with recipe basics:

Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables:KJPGSEVUJYEM KJPGSEVUJYEM

* Garlic, onions, carrots and celery are great recipe and soup starters.
* Frozen corn, peas, carrots and berries for recipe additions and smoothies.
* Dark greens for salads and salad add-ins like dried fruit, nuts and seed

Fresh and dried herbs and spices

Fats and oils—liquid vegetable oils (olive, canola, sunflower, corn, and peanut) for cooking. Specialty oils like sesame oil, walnut or pistachio oil or truffle oil for adding flavor.

Unsalted nuts—like almonds, walnuts and pistachios for snacking

Vinegars—such as balsamic, red wine and rice vinegar for salads and veggies

Strong cheeses, like aged Parmesan or blue cheese for intense flavor in salads, pasta and soups.

Restaurants: Financial Needs

By: Toni House

Many times restaurants have fantastic food and high guest counts, but suffer because of poor financial oversight. Operators have found that there are many accounting services specifically dedicated to the restaurant industry which help to efficiently manage the financial aspects of their restaurant so they can put their focus back on the food and guest experience.

The need for this type of service is evident with the amount of solutions available today, from the simple accounting software to premier outsourced accounting services.  House: understands the need for detailed financial information. 

Owner and CEO, Toni House, First Tax Solution LLC started out at the age of 15 with McDonald's, later owning 5 of her own and selling years later realized the need for Accounting Firms that are more than just number crunchers, The restaurant Industry needed their accountants to know first hand the struggles of owning a restaurant. 

Now many years later after opening her first Accounting Office in Az. with her sister company offered Virtual Online Accounting and Tax Service since 2000 she now has taken First Tax Solution to another level. We offer Virtual Accounting and Tax Solutions Nation wide, we make every effort to help our clients. We believe in making our clients lives as stress free as possible. (newsletter)

We really do care about you, your family and your future. Our motto is Virtual Accounting and Tax Services When You Need It.  And we really mean that.

With our Virtual Online client portals you  have access to premier reporting tools so you have can view current financial information and trends.  Having this type of information helps gain a plan for the larger picture of your restaurant and future financial performance."

About the Author

Toni House
MBA/CEO and founder First Tax Solution LLC. In 2000 Founded and Created the first Online Tax Preparation and Filing Service and now with Virtual Tax Prep. The Complete Accounting Firm , for Small Business, and the Individual busy family.

First Tax Solution: Provides Professional Accounting and Tax Prep When You Need It.

Author of Save Your Money Save Your Family. Owned and op-porated different business concepts. Helping and teaching people how to live the American Dream. From Owning their own business, becoming a Franchise to being financially secure. With 25 plus years experience in Tax Preparation, Accounting, Food Industry, Construction, Medical and Business Advisory.

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Article Source: - Restaurants: Financial Needs

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