Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reduce Stress Will help fight Canker Sores

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If you find that daily stress and fatigue manifest as canker sores you aren't alone. Mouth ulcers  are common and can be very painful, even if they are barely visible. The cause of canker sores remains unknown, although a popular theory holds that they are autoimmune in nature - the result of an attack by the immune system on the body's own tissues. They may also be a result of deficiencies of folic acid, iron or vitamin B12.

Canker sores are often triggered by stress, fatigue, certain foods (including nuts, acidic foods and sweets) and occasionally by toothpaste containing the additive sodium lauryl sulfate. While they are painful, there are ways to reduce discomfort and speed the healing process. Try making a tablet of DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) extract into a paste, or make a paste from DGL powder and coat the paste over the sore. Do this four times a day until the sore has disappeared. A daily B-100, B-complex vitamin supplement may also help support the health of oral mucosa.

Perhaps most important are mind-body approaches, such as visualization, hypnosis or relaxation techniques, which can reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks.Says, Dr.Weil

These list of fruits also have folic acid and are full of other nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, carotenoids, calcium, says Toni House CEO First Tax Solution LLC and author of Save Your Money, Save Your Family
  1. Avocado
  2. Papaya
  3. Guava
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Orange
  6. Apricots (dried, unsulfured)
  7. Mango
  8. Strawberries (organic)
  9. Kiwi
  10. Grapefruit (pink or red)

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